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we're dedicated to ensuring that you and your family can rest easier knowing that we're here to help. Whether it's a surveillance, or an investigation, we have the services to assist your needs and help resolve the problem. Coastal Georgia Private Investigations is a fully licensed and insured investigative agency, providing coverage along the coastal and southern areas of the state of Georgia. If you are facing criminal charges or need an investigation, contact Coastal Georgia Private Investigations.

With over 27 years of combined investigative experience, you're given a better possibility of securing the results and answers you seek. Whether the need is surveillance of a cheating spouse, witness interview, obtaining statements, analyzing information revealed from discovery, or locating persons that have eluded normal means, feel confident every effort will be exhausted to discover the truth. Our agency utilizes (data sources) providers that only a few licensed professionals have access to, giving us one more tool for finding answers you are seeking. Additionally, we have reciprocity agreement with several states to include Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana for investigations that might carry over into other jurisdictions.
Coastal Georgia Private Investigations

Coastal Georgia Private Investigations
The agency has mobile notary available!